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5up is a 21 year old American Pink Man who makes content revolving around the game Among Us, attempting to be a variety streamer. He's also been known to stream Minecraft and League of Legends even though he insists that none of his community has ever heard of the game. His Twitch handle includes three p's because he's apparently not important enough for a 3-character handle Sadge.

5up is a core member of the Hafu Among Us morning lobbies despite always being a minute late, he leads the custom map project to build new maps for the lobby to play because the devs can't get their shit together. He also has the most insane fanart community and is known to share standout pieces between rounds and in ghost chat. He's also known to share his passion as a cooking boi. -5up wants to move to Denmark because apparently the food there is sooo much better than in America.- 5up is widely recognized as a top 10 Among Us player for his insane reads and impeccable logic as a crewmate but his impostor game is a little weak.

5up first started streaming around August and first played with m0xy. He played deception games like Dead by Daylight and Mafia He isn't opposed to a face reveal and stated multiple times that his face is somewhere on the internet, he just doesn't want to because he's lazy and doesn't want to set up his face cam and get ready for the day since he wakes up like 20 minutes before he streams. C'mon pink man, it isn't that hard to fix your hair. However he has shown his arm, his ear, and his HAND. >Edit, I understand, his hair is very curly BUT, he can still fix his hair more.

5up haaaaaaaates being referred to as a 14 year old, which is fair because his birthday is coming up.

Also, he baaakes!


  • Although 5up posted an official face reveal on August 1, 2021, his face has been in circulation via Dailymafia streams
    • This is similar to Sykkuno, as pictures of him were in circulation deep in Lilypichu's Instagram feed prior to his face reveal
    • 5up also accidentally leaked his face to Wolfabelle when he was showing the Morning Lobbies his outfit image. 5up showed the rest of the lobby the intended image with his face being censored out but showed Wolf the unedited image.
  • 5up is known to gatekeep the color pink in Among Us, as he has shown to make a fuss when TinaKitten and Plushys taunted him as they stole the color from him.
    • However, 5up will easily give up the color if he is playing with streamers that main the same color as him (BrookeAB, LilyPichu).
    • 5up also stated on occasion that if Technoblade joined, he would give pink to him.
  • 5up is 1 of 2 streamers in the OTV Universe that is part of TSM, the other being Myth.
  • 5up is one of several streamers in the OTV universe with an alternate streaming channel, the others including LilyPichu, Fuslie, Disguised Toast, Tubbo, and Karl Jacobs.
  • Like the majority of streamers in the OTV universe, 5up plays League of Legends offstream with OTV and Friends.
  • 5up is one of four individuals in the OTV universe that is part of the LGBTQ+ community (asexual biromantic) - the others being Scott SMajor (gay), Bretman Rock (gay), and Ash_on_LoL (bisexual).
    • On the topic of LGTBQ+, in a Pico Park stream, 5up had implied numerous times he is not a "bottom."
  • Both 5up and HJune have shown to have more pleasure using the Marshal over the Operator in Valorant.
  • 5up plays Dead by Daylight with Steve and Dakotaz, the fourth usually being either Ellum or Hafu queing to bully killers.