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Many steamers in the OTV universe life together. This page contains an overview of streamer houses.

Offline TV House[]

Pokimane used to live in the OTV house. She moved out in June of 2020. In the offlinetv podcast, she stated that she would like to split work and personal live as the main reason for leaving. [1]

  • However, around March 2021, Poki announced that she is contemplating to move back into the OTV house when the girls' lease is up. On April 11, 2021, Poki clarifies her thoughts in the unofficial impromptu OTV podcast, stating that she might initially move into her own place close to the OTV house and then move back with OTV when OTV's lease is up and need to move to a new home.

Fedmyster also used to live at the OTV house but left after his scandal was made public.

On January 2, 2021, Disguised Toast announced on twitter that he would be moving back to Canada to take care of his father. [2]

  • On May 4, 2021, Toast has since moved back into the OTV house.

Fuslie House[]

TheSushiDragon, Exla, and Hellomeganlee were also former tenants of the Fuslie. While Stefan and Megan moved out to pursue their careers, Alex moved out due to COVID-19 - thus making him moving back to Canada.

On the 22 of January, 2021, Fuslie announced on twitter that the entire group would be moving to a new house. [[3] 1]

See also: LAMPS House

Screamer House[]

See also: Screamer House

As of late June 2021, all roommates of the Screamer House have since parted ways. Celine was the first to move out, Poki moved in a place near the Offline TV house (with intentions of eventually moving back in with OTV), Janet initially planning on moving to Vegas but remained living in LA, and Rae being the last to move out - possibly living with ex-boyfriend Sonii in a new apartment once again due to their dogs appearing in their streams recently.

QuarterJade house[]


BoxBox house[]


Masayoshi and seanic have since left the house.

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