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Miyoung Kim better known by her online alias kkatamina or Mina, is a Twitch streamer.

Miyoung began to gain traction in the OfflineTV and Friends universe in the FTB Revelations Minecraft server, with her roots being a longtime friend of AriaSaki. Miyoung has seen a rapid viewer count increase in her streams, previous receiving 1-2K viewers in December 2020 and now observing 5-7K viewers as of currently. Nowadays, Miyoung can usually be seen playing Valorant, Bloons TD 6, or an assortment of variety games.



In May of 2020, Miyoung started streaming on Twitch.

Initially, she was unknown in the OTV universe, originally just a close friend of AriaSaki. However, in June 2020, the community began to speculate about whom she was after being featured in a photoshoot to display Aria's streamer merchandise.

Lily holding Temmie and Nabi at the end of the Robodog video

On October 2020, in OfflineTV's Youtube video ROBODOG JOINS OFFLINETV,[1] another Pomeranian was featured to the right of Temmie at the end of the video, with LilyPichu referring to the mysterious dog as "Temmie's twin." This actually turns out to be Miyoung's pet chicken/Pomeranian-Chihuahua mix, Nabi (arguably one of the very first appearances of Nabi on-camera).

Miyoung's streaming career started because of both AriaSaki and Disguised Toast. Toast pushed Miyoung to stream and taught her the basics when she first started out on Twitch, and Aria emotionally supported her.[2][3]

FTB Revelations MC SMP[]

In BaboAbe's FTB Revelations Minecraft server, Miyoung was one of the most notable active players. She played on the server on launch day and was likely invited by either Aria, Lily, or Toast. Miyoung became a fan favorite on the server due to her psychopathic nature. She would also respond via an extremely scuffed microphone which enhanced her unhinged energy. Her skin was MC Steve with :] face.

Notable examples of Miyoung's interactions on the server:

Miyoung and Toast posing next to players' graveyards


  • One of the first instances of her spooky behavior is when Miyoung crouched and turned slowly towards Aria, creeping Aria out.[4]
  • Miyoung had a drug/olive addiction and was the prime customer to Sykkuno 's olive dealing.[4]
  • Miyoung was part of the "Comfy Cartel," only to secretly steal resources from Toast.
  • Miyoung once tried to kill Valkyrae in Rae's own home by digging a hole to drown her in unknown colored fluid supposedly. However, this proved unsuccessful as Sykkuno invaded Miyoung's works while she was gone.
  • When Toast detonated his nukes, Miyoung's primary reaction to the end of the server was "o7."


  • In the early days of S2, Miyoung was usually seen with Ludwig. Their bonding strengthened in the nether, where Miyoung essentially kept company for Ludwig while he captures ghasts to acquire angel rings to scam other players for favors. En route to the nether portal, Miyoung was seen imprisoning herself in blocks (netherrack, wooden planks) to hide from Ludwig. This prompted Ludwig to attempt to kill Miyoung. Tactics included releasing a ghast in front of Miyoung and drowning Miyoung in a lavafall.
  • Miyoung was also seen with Sykkuno early in the season. When Sykkuno trolled Miyoung by hitting her, her dog would attack him; however, Miyoung only stopped her dog from attacking Sykkuno after he had afflicted considerable damage.
  • Miyoung was known for her intense hatred towards "Jam Guys" (villagers that players can trade for a variety of jams), resulting in her bonding with Michael Reeves. Miyoung worked for Michael in the server, with the notable task of constructing a wall displaying 100 imprisoned Jam Guys.
  • Miyoung secretly imprisoned some of Ash's mini-mes, which sparked anger from Ash. Ironically, Ash imprisons all of her mini-mes; Miyoung just encaged several into a confined area.

Throughout both seasons, Miyoung had an affinity to pose next to players' graveyards, intending to accomplish this feat with every player on the server, similarly to Ash wanting to have a mini-me of every player on the server.

LAMPS House[]

In around November-December 2020, Miyoung and her dog Nabi moved into Leslie's LAMPS House, residing in TheSushiDragon's old room. Miyoung was known to have odd living conditions, streaming on her mattress with a portion of it removed to make way for her laptop (which was a gift from Scarra).[citation needed]

During the first season of the OTV Minecraft server, she borrowed a laptop[5] from Toast to help increase her stream quality while sporting her unique scuffed mic.

Upon moving to the LAMPS House, Miyoung was able to stream more seriously due to her equipment advancements. Leslie gifted Miyoung Edison's old PC setup, ending Miyoung's scuffed mic era. Peter gifted Miyoung another monitor, a gift that Miyoung "accepted, but rejected," since when she tested it out, she found that having more than one monitor would give her a headache. [citation needed]

During the duration of the LAMPS House, Leslie mentored Miyoung on becoming an independent and serious streamer and garnering a supportive fanbase. Leslie's tactics were successful, and Miyoung spiked in viewership after moving in. Toast also coached Miyoung on her communication skills with her Twitch chat, resulting in her becoming more engaged with her fanbase.[citation needed]

Due to this growth, Miyoung was able to mentor Bretman Rock in his aspiration of becoming a Twitch streamer. While Bretman's first few streams were rough, he improved quickly and now is well-experienced when streaming. [citation needed]

In late January 2021, everybody left living in the LAMPS House moved into a new house as the former's 1-year lease was up. Initially, Miyoung's room in the new home was similar to that in the LAMPs House, being undecorated and just a mattress and a PC setup. However, several weeks later, Miyoung switched things up and began to decorate her room.[6] She ditched the cut-out mattress and opted for a futon, similar to Lily's arrangement in the previous OTV house. Nabi now sleeps in a dog tent instead of with Miyoung on the mattress. Miyoung added background aesthetics (such as her well-known MC face and some light-up plastic rose vines) on the wall facing her streaming camera.

Bloons TD 6[]

After OTV MineCraft, Miyoung started to venture into Bloons TD 6 as her new niche game around February 2021. Miyoung was known for her hatred of "Ben Jammin," a special monkey that Sykkuno liked using to gain revenue for purchasing banks and power-ups, a strategy that required Miyoung to carry the few beginning rounds on her own.

One time Miyoung and Sykkuno made a bet while playing Bloons that if he yielded a higher pop count than her, she would "have to say Ben Jammin in the House for the rest of your life," but if Miyoung yielded a higher pop count than Sykkuno, he wouldn't be able to use Ben Jammin for the rest of the day. Ultimately, Sykkuno won, and Miyoung announced, "Ben Jammin is in the house!" whenever Sykkuno summoned Ben Jammin.

After this incident, many fans referred to Miyoung's hatred towards Ben Jammin as "the 5 stages of grief". Even though Miyoung's hatred is not extreme as of now—sometimes even summoning Ben Jammin herself (aka the 5th stage)—she tends to be in denial whenever Sykkuno, Leslie, or hJune hyped up Ben Jammin's summoning.

Besides the Ben Jammin trilogy, Bloons strengthened Miyoung's bonds with Bretman Rock and hJune; both are relatively new in the OTV universe.


Around March 2021, Brodin created a song consisting of just Miyoung's voice clips and Nabi's bawks "Big tiddies, small tiddies, BAWK BAWK."[7] Miyoung reacted to the song in shock and dismay.

After playing in the Hafu Lobbies during her 24-hour stream, Miyoung's Twitch chat told her to listen to Steven Suptic's music. Upon doing so, Miyoung became obsessed with the works of SUGR?, blasting his songs (especially "Oh, Death") throughout the rest of her stream.


In the 2021 OTV SMP, Miyoung showed a different character from the FTB server. Formerly a psychopath, Miyoung became one of the grinders on the server, frequently participating in explorations with Ryan Higa. Miyoung usually did not hang out in the town square as often as the other players but occasionally strolls around the town square to inspect players' progress.

Miyoung is 1 of 40 initial roster players and 1 of 39 players on the server that played on the FTB Revelations server.

Personal Life[]

Miyoung is very private about personal details. When her friends (mainly Peter and Toast) leak any piece of her information, she often reacts with embarrassment and/or dismay.

Aria was Miyoung's first friend in OTV and Friends. They have since then become each others' right-hand woman.[8] Miyoung credits Aria for introducing her to everyone in OTV and Friends.

Miyoung lives with Leslie, Peter, and Shiphtur.

On 30th September, 2021[9] Miyoung's older sister Ann visited her on stream.


The Ramen Closet

  • Miyoung's last name, Kim, was leaked by Toast in a stream where they played Little Nightmares 2.[10][11]
  • Miyoung is notorious for having a closet packed with Cup Noodles. Fortunately, the stash of ramen has shown to be useful as both she and Leslie tend to have temptations for the Cup Noodles as meals
  • Out of all the streamers in the OTV universe, Miyoung hangs out with the OTV talents and visits their house the most often, usually seen alongside Yvonnie and Toast
  • She prefers to play games using one ear bud (specifically the right one) because playing with both overwhelms her. PepeLaugh they were on the left
  • Miyoung made her Twitch name "Kkatamina" by combining her League name "Katana" and her other alias "Mina"
  • Miyoung, along with Toast, introduced the game of Among Us to OTV and Friends[12]
  • Miyoung has a variety of strange eating rituals those of which include: only eating the inside of donuts[13] and burritos,[14] melting ice cream in the microwave,[15] peeling the skin off fried chicken, peeling the toppings off her pizza,[16][17] not wrapping her quesadilla up before eating (which angered Karl Jacobs), and preferring flat soda[18]
  • Miyoung is the only friend outside of OTV that attended Toast's sister's wedding[19]


  • "Nabi is not a chicken!"[20]
  • "Not gonna lie, that's kinda messed up."
  • "What the heck?!" [21]
  • "What do you mean?" [22]


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