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Mika is Valkyrae's pet Shiba Inu. Rae adopted Mika when he was 6 months old, and they have been together since.


Mika was born on January 8, 2018 (same birthday as his owner) in a "puppy breeding mill" from Thailand. Mika is known for his high anxiety levels, with Rae suggesting his origins from the fact Mika was shipped to San Diego from Thailand and then transported to Rae and Sonii's place (when they were still together) in LA via car. Upon meeting Mika for the first time, Rae objectively noted Mika's mistreatment when he arrived "And when they opened up the trunk, he was in a a small cage with another dog just covered in dog poop - the crates had like wires under his feet. There was no blankets, no food, no water, he was just - I could only imagine - like he flew, he was ripped from his family, ripped from everything he knew at six months so he was already a lot older than most puppies."[1]

Whenever Mika goes outside, he is usually seen wearing a bandana.


Because of his anxiety levels, Mika tends to struggle bonding with other pets. However, upon ownership by Rae, Mika's anxiety significantly decreased.

Screamer House[]

The Screamer House consisted of three pets: Mika, Mimi, and Hazel. All three animals were generally alright with one another, but they do not interact often.


Naru is Sonii's pet Shiba Inu. Despite the two dogs being the same breed, Naru sports a more well-recognized orange-white color while Mika is fully white. The two Shibas get along very well, as they oftentimes play with each other. It is most likely the two met each other when Sonii took care of Mika when Rae needed to leave her place for extended periods (Sonii is technically Mika's godfather since he also took care of Mika during his courtship with Rae). Both Mika and Naru also go to the same groomer.

Fuslie House[]

During an irl sushi-making stream, Rae took Mika to the Fuslie house. Rae and Leslie try to make Mika interact with Sock and Nabi, but all three pets did not seem to care about each other. Additionally, Sock walked away from the dogs upon meeting Mika.


  • Rae made an Instagram account for Mika, but the account got hacked and Rae gave up efforts recovering Mika's account.
  • Rae's OnlyFans is just of Mika.


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