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(L-R) Top: Dogdog and Steve Suptic; Center: Plushys and DumbDog; Bottom: Janet, Hafu, and 5up's ear & arm

The Morning Lobbies, also referred to as the Hafu Lobbies, were morning Among Us lobbies primarily organized by Hafu, usually occurring daily from 8am PST to 11am PST. After the decline of Among Us the lobbies occur with less frequency, but many of the regulars still play together as friends.

The four main regulars in the Morning Lobbies were Hafu, 5up, Steve Suptic, and Dakotaz (DK). The lobbies are best known in association with OfflineTV, but also have connections to the Dream SMP, EU streamers, and other variety streamers.

Although the Morning Lobbies has since dissolved, many of the members remained friends. Nowadays, Hafu reverts back to soloing games and 5up pursuing his Minecraft success and strengthening his presence in the DSMP demographic. "The Boys" (Steve, Dumbdog, Ellum, Koji) continue to play games together, usually seen playing UNO or Fall Guys. The quartet did make an appearance playing on an OTV-ran Crab Game lobby (most likely invited by 5up, who was already playing at the time).


The Morning Lobbies gained popularity in early November 2020, with many of the now "regulars" actively playing at that time.

Hafu was known as the "mom" in the lobbies due to her leadership and coordination. Whenever Hafu was on break and after she eventually stopped playing Among Us, "substitute teacher" 5up usually took over the organizer role.

As streamers tired of Among Us, the Morning Lobbies moved towards Custom Valorant games and variety content, with Among Us/party mini-games played for a day or two.

List of Streamers in Hafu Lobbies[]

Hafu Lobby Roster
Streamer Stream Platform Notes Activity Status
Hafu Founder & main coordinator of lobbies Main regular
5up Substitutes for Hafu when she takes a break playing Main regular
Steve Suptic Lobby's Rat and half of "Dumb & Dumber" Main regular
DK Often throws games; known to be petty; half of "Dumb & Dumber" Main regular
DumbDog One of the original players in lobbies due to long-time friendship with Hafu Recurring regular
XChocoBars Strong rivalry with DK in-game (and even made a song about him[1]) Recurring regular
PeterparkTV Part of "The Boys" with the three male main regulars Recurring regular
Plushys Occasionally rivals with 5up Recurring regular
Scott Smajor One of several EU streamers that actively plays in lobbies, He created the Crewfu Minecraft server Recurring regular
Koji One of several EU streamers that actively plays in lobbies; best known for his Jester wins Recurring regular
Ellum One of several EU streamers that actively plays in lobbies Recurring regular
TaliaMar Recurring regular during the lobbies' apex; stopped attending for several months but now made a comeback April 2021 Recurring regular
TinaKitten Regular player in both Hafu and Toast lobbies Recurring regular
Annie Fuschia One of the latest EU streamers to actively play in lobbies Recurring regular
Chilledchaos One of the first players in lobbies; his own lobby allowed Hafu to meet Steve for the first time Recurring regular
Hbomb94 Recurring regular
Aipha Recurring regular
Baycon Primarily plays in lobbies for Valorant Recurring regular
IkeHS Same scenario as Baycon, but less frequently than him Recurring regular
ZeRoyalViking Guest regular
Yetiapocalypse Main Twitch moderator for Ludwig Guest regular
br00d Guest regular
Junkyard147 Guest regular
BasetradeTV Used to play in lobbies actively; now occasionally joins couple days a month Guest regular
Skadj Guest regular
Sips Guest regular
Tectone Known as "Teccy," recently played in lobbies Guest regular
JesseSMFI Started to play in lobbies more frequently March 2021 Guest regular
Kara Corvus Started playing in lobby after playing in the Crewfu Minecraft server Guest regular
Jvckk Same as Kara Corvus however joined more for variety games Guest regular
LexieMarie Guest regular
TrainwrecksTV One of the most notable variety streamers to play on lobbies Guest regular
Disguised Toast 1 of 2 OfflineTV talents that played in lobbies, the other being Pokimane Guest regular
KristoferYee Guest regular
Fundy In-game relationship with 5up, as they would only kill the other on a last-case scenario Guest regular
Sleepy Usually third wheels and jokes around with 5undy in lobbies Guest regular
Tubbo Played in lobby on Airship launch day Guest regular
Bakbak Created 11-player Among Us mod with a "Battle Royale" mode where there are three impostors that don't know who each other are and only one of whom can win Guest
Falcone Guest
Punz Guest
vGumiho Guest
Purpled Played as a guest in one of the day Hafu took a break Guest
Nihachu Guest
ConnerEatsPants Guest
Lani Tubbo's little sister Guest
Geenelly Guest
Freyzplayz Guest
Thea Trinidad Guest
Botezlive Both Alex & Andrea; now occasionally plays in lobbies Guest
Bloody Joined lobbies around same time as Ellum; began to play in lobbies again for Valorant Guest
Amy Dumas Guest
Dogdog Hafu's husband Guest
TheDeluxe4 Known as "D4" in lobbies Guest
Cib Roommate of Steven Suptic and worked alongside him in Sugar Pine 7; currently a main talent for SP7 Guest
Pokimane Used to actively play in lobbies with XChocoBars; left and came back as a guest March 2021 Guest
Sydeon Guest
Valkyrae Guest player due to her venturing into more variety-based content Guest
Ryan Higa Guest player late 2020 Guest
Natsumiii Guest player ~ February 2021 Guest
CORPSE HUSBAND Guest player early November 2020 Guest
BrookeAB Guest
Kkatamina Played in lobby as the start of her 24-hour stream Guest
BaboAbe Same scenario as Miyoung but reversed Guest
Ash_on_LoL Guest
Ray__C Guest
Wolfabelle Stopped playing in February 2021; hosts her own EU lobbies

Made a comeback as of late June 2021 via Steven Suptic's Gartic Phone lobbies

OvileeMay Stopped joining lobbies ~December 2020 Not playing
Svennoss One of the first players in Hafu lobbies Not playing
Gloom Joined around the same time as Scott stopped playing December 2020 to make room for people streaming the lobby Not playing
Myth Regularly played in lobby November 2020; stopped playing Not playing
Joey Graceffa Played in lobby November 2020; stopped playing Not playing

Activity status key[]

Main regular: the primary streamers that are the most recognizable in the lobbies ("Crewfu" or "The Crew")

Recurring regular: streamers that actively play in the lobbies on a daily that are not the 4 main streamers

Guest regular: Guest player in lobbies but often attends (5+ days per month)

Guest: Guest player in lobbies but have no intent on actively attending lobbies

Not playing: Formerly played in the lobbies regularly but left


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