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Offline TV began playing the game Rust on December 26th, 2020 through the arrangements of BaboAbe, a talent coordinator and manager. The server was created as a place for content creators and streamers to produce content for their respective channels.

As of January 7th, 2021, BaboAbe has divided the game into two servers - The Badlands, which is 100% Person vs. Player, and the Divide, which is 70% Person vs. Player and 30% Roleplay.

The successors to the Rust server is Valorant (2nd Valorant arc) and the GTA NoPixel server.

Season 1[]

Via Rae, the original cast consisted of Disguised Toast, Pokimane, XChocoBars, Becca, BaboAbe, BrookeAB, Starsmitten, Voyboy, Masayoshi, Brodin, iTzTimmy, Bnans, Natsumiii, Hafu, Shroud, AriaSaki, 5up, Jummy, LilyPichu, KristoferYee, Alexiaraye, Sykkuno, Ludwig, QuarterJade, Jacksepticeye, Edison Park, Kkatamina, Boxbox, Sydeon, Charlie, Sonii, Scarra, Seanic, Ryan Higa, Ash, Yvonnie, Myth, Fuslie, Michael Reeves, PeterparkTV, Plushys, Shiphtur, TinaKitten, Jae, CORPSE HUSBAND, HasanAbi, Karl Jacobs, and Anne Munition. However, the original server had an IP leak, and Abe had to negotiate with the game devs to create a privately-owned server for OTV. While there were some players from the original cast that did not play in the official Season 1 server (ex: Hafu, Seanic) many streamers, big and small, proceeded to join the server, such as : xQc, Pokelawls, hJune, Ray__C, Welyn, Arcadum, Mizkif, etc.

Guest players that exclusively played on the Season 1 server included Tyler1 and Georgenotfound.

Season 2[]

see Players on the season 2 rust server

Season 3[]

On February 3rd, 2021 BaboAbe announced the next map for the rust server [1]


2021 Season[]

In a recent Tweet from Abe the Rust server will reoccur once again on July 5 at 12 PM PST. It will be more PvP and vanilla-like, stated by Abe. Controversy quickly followed as Abe then banned several players including Spoonkid and Stimpee.

Players from the previous Rust Discord server are granted automatic spots to the server, meaning that anybody from the previous servers can play on the new server.

Compared to the previous servers, this server is known to have a greater amount of NoPixel-based streamers, as many have befriended OTV-based streamers that prioritized NoPixel as their content (Sykkuno, Ash, Valkyrae, Fuslie).

Streamers such as Jummychu have announced that they will not return to Rust due to other gaming priorities.

Via BaboAbe on Twitter

Following is a list of streamers that will play on the server:

(For notes, editors can list any general info regarding the streamer, such as "they're part of OTV" "they're a flagship Twitch content creator" "they're from NoPixel" "they first debut on this Rust server")

2021 Teams[]

Team Rules

For the 2021 season, BaboAbe placed a limit of 8 people to one team and encouraged the formation of teams before the start of the server. Allyships are allowed, but this is not the same as a team. As Abe stated online, 'do not abuse this' and 'this does not mean you can run around with 24 people.' This was meant to make the server more fair and stop teams becoming too powerful.

The current teams are listed below:

Team 1

  • BaboAbe
  • Natsumiii
  • Kkatamina
  • Disguised Toast
  • Valkyrae
  • Kydae_
  • Fuslie
  • ItsRyanHiga

Team 2

  • xQc
  • Blaustoise
  • Adept
  • Trainwreckstv
  • Buddha
  • Mendo
  • Mewnfare

Team 3

  • Asmongold
  • CoconutB
  • FaZe corey
  • Moxy
  • Jellypeanut
  • TankGirl
  • WholeWheatPete

Team 4

  • hJune
  • VoyBoy
  • Sydeon
  • Masayoshi
  • QuarterJade
  • xChocobars
  • Starsmitten
  • Shiphtur

Team 5

  • Sykkuno
  • Ray__C
  • AnthonyZ
  • yougelly
  • Autumn
  • JoblessGarett
  • tenz

Team 6

  • ShackyHD
  • NoraExplorer
  • Blooprint
  • Stevie

Team 7

  • iiTzTimmy
  • Sonii
  • Ludilue
  • Mohr
  • imSofti
  • LuluLuvely

Team 8

  • EsfandTV
  • BrookeAB
  • Nakkida
  • Spaceboy
  • JustaMinx
  • GeeNelly

Team 9

  • Nmplol
  • Malena
  • Symfuhny
  • Overpowered
  • 3 Rip
  • Brucewayner
  • Ashwey

Team 10

  • Zerkaa
  • KhaosAdam
  • Klutch

Team 11

  • Ash_on_LoL
  • Whippy
  • Welyn
  • Porgiee
  • ImBernE
  • Lysium
  • Chap

Team 12

  • Cyr
  • WillNeff
  • MafiaJinx
  • Swales94
  • ItsLeslie
  • Vader
  • Mr Wobbles
  • HasanAbi

Team 13

  • CaptainPuffy
  • qtCinderella

Team 14

  • Crystalst
  • Alinity
  • KristoferYee
  • Momo
  • Boxbox
  • Chrchie

Team 15

  • Bandoot
  • BTMC

Team 16

  • Sodapoppin
  • Vigors
  • Biotoxz_
  • Saiiren
  • Sureflour

Team 17

  • Cowsep
  • Masterfiend
  • Stonewall008

Team 18

  • GingerBeardie
  • Knut
  • dCapio
  • Picco
  • SinksR
  • Bambuwu