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OfflineTV, often abbreviated to OTV, is a content creation group. They play games, vlog, and do variety content. Most members of OTV stream and many of them rose to popularity through playing League of Legends.

OTV's YouTube channel has over 2.5 million subscribers[2].


Currently, Scarra, LilyPichu, Pokimane, Disguised Toast, and Michael Reeves are members of the OfflineTV group, plus other housemates, pets, and support (most are not actually part of OTV)

Current Members[]

Member Joined Role Note
Scarra 2017 Personality Co-founder
Pokimane 2017 Personality Joined in initial roster[3]
LilyPichu 2017 Personality Joined a little after others in initial roster[3][4]
Disguised Toast 2017 Personality Joined a couple months after the inception[3]
Yvonnie 2018 Management Joined as house mom early Season 2[3][5]
DunoisKR Production, Management Joined as editor late Season 2 to take over Juan

Took over as cameraman later[3]

Michael Reeves 2019 Personality Joined as talent in Season 3[3]
Justin Management Joined as Podcast Manager early Season 3[3]
Amanda Management Joined as manager[3]
Daphtheshaft Management Joined as manager. Lives in house.[citation needed]
Brodin Plett 2020 Production Video Director[citation needed]
Jummychu 2017 Support Personal assistant and dogsitter for LilyPichu; watches over house when OTV goes on a trip

Talent: Scarra, Pokimane, LilyPichu, Disguised Toast, Michael Reeves, Robodog, Temmie, Mimi, Somi, DaVinky.

Support Staff: Yvonne (House Manager), Dunois (Cameraman & Editor), Justin (Podcast Manager), Amanda (General Manager), Daph (General Manager), Brodin Plett (Video Director), Jummychu (personal assistant for Lily)[citation needed]

Former members[]

Member Joined Left Role Note
Chris Chan 2017 2018 Production, Management Co-founded as manager/executive producer[3]

Left to focus on family and other endeavors[5][3]

BasedYoona 2017 2018 Personality Joined in initial roster[3]

Left due to scheduling conflicts and a lack of communication[5]

Fedmyster 2017 2020 Personality, Production, Management[3] Joined in initial roster as main editor and cameraman[3]

Removed for sexual misconduct and inappropriate behavior.[6]

PokeLawls 2017 2018 Personality Joined in initial roster[3]

Unable to continue working with the group after failing to obtain a visa[5]

MarkZ 2017 2019 Production, Personality[5] Joined in initial roster as a director

Fed took over as director/producer end of Season 2[3]

Xell 2017 2019 Production, Personality[5] Joined in initial roster as a producer

Fed took over as director/producer end of Season 2[3]

Pecca 2017 2018 Management, Personality Chris' wife, left for the same reason[3][5]
EdisonParkLive 2018 2019 Management, Personality[5] Joined as manager early Season 2

Left mid-Season 2 to try streaming full time[3]

Sleightlymusical 2018 2020 Production, Personality[5] Joined as cameraman late Season 1.

Left after it was revealed that he was cheating on LilyPichu

AriaSaki 2018 2019 House Chef, Personality[5] Joined mid-Season 2 as a chef, but didn't work out due to dietary restrictions and random sleep schedules

Later moved back in the OTV House as a housemate[3]

Seanic 2018 2019 Production[7] Joined as Podcast Manager during the beginning of the OTV Podcast, mid-Season 2

Helped Produce/Direct some videos Left when it became local shoot instead of live.[3]


  • Spooks - Was trialing as a cameraman & editor, or was a support editor for Fed during early Season 1, now works for TSM.[3]
  • Liquid Mendo - Lived in the Season 1 house during his stay in LA. OTV was possibly trying him out as a member but he wanted to pursue his career during his time in pro Overwatch. Or they were just being nice and let him live there.[3]
  • Paco - Directed some videos, ultimately didn't work out.[3]
  • Ian - Editor for Doublelift, edited a couple videos before Season 3, as well as the entire Offline High series.[3]
  • Juan - Joined as an editor during late Season 1, left late Season 2 around the same time Fed took over for Mark and Josh.[3]
  • Sykkuno - Lived in the OTV House during Season 3, but never officially part of the group. Moved out late November when OTV members moved out to a new house.[citation needed]



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