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Kimi Park, known by her handle Plushys, is a Korean-American Twitch streamer most famous for playing League of Legends. She is a recurring regular in the Hafu Lobbies and also does ASMR on her side YouTube channel, Angels ASMR.


Kimi graduated from the University of California Irvine.[2]

She got into gaming through her older brother.


Her MapleStory friends, her brother, and Edison Park got her into streaming.

Kimi, Fuslie, and IGumdrop founded Just Friends in April 2018, meant as a spinoff and close streamer group of Offline TV since the latter has shown immense success.

She co-founded Kippo, a dating and social app for gamers.


  • Both Kimi and Fuslie have known each other since studying at UCI. The two remained as close friends, as they once created a Youtube channel where they would create content together and they also lived with each other in an apartment during their uni years.
  • Kimi is one of several streamers in the OTV Universe that rebranded themselves, the others being Valkyrae, Starsmitten, Sydeon, and DumbDog.
    • This also means Kimi is the only founding member of Just Friends that had a rebrand.
  • Kimi and 5up were the final ones to meet up at Hafu's house when the morning lobbies met up in Vegas.
    • Because 5up arrived late due to flight delays, this meant Kimi was the final person to arrive, with the intent of arriving 1 day later.


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