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Blaire , better known as QTCinderella or QT is an American Twitch streamer.

QTCinderella used to organize podcasts The Housewives of Twitch and E-GIRL REJECTS. Currently she has a podcast Wine About It with Maya Higa.

QTCinderella organized and hosted of the Streamer Awards 2022 with Maya, which was streamed on her Twitch channel.

Girls Trip[]

On May 4, 2022, QTCinderella organized Girls Trip event with herself, Maya Higa, JustaMinx, Botez sisters, Alinity, Sydeon, LilyPichu, Kato_kat, Aria, QuarterJade, Alluux, Natsumiii, Nihachu, IGumdrop and Codemiko. On the 2nd day the event had to be canceled because Jaime tested positive for COVID (next day Codemiko also tested positve).

Girls who originally were announced but didn't participate: Bnans, Kkatamina, Kyedae and XChocoBars (she tested positive for COVID a day before the event).

On August 14, 2022, QTCinderella organized the second Girls Trip event with herself, Maya Higa, LilyPichu, Brittt, Alluux, Codemiko, Kiaraakitty, Sydeon, AriaSaki, iGumdrop, QuarterJade, JustaMinx, Alexandra and Andrea Botez. BrookeAB and Nihachu were originally announced but did not attend.