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Karl and Tina

Salad Gang is a group of content creators created by CORPSE HUSBAND, TinaKitten, Karl Jacobs, Emma Langevin, BrookeAB, and 5up. The group regularly meets up together online and offline.


Karl and Tina taking a picture with Corpse's billboard

On February 11th, 2021, the Gymshark Twitter account made a tweet saying, "blow this up. whoever gets the most liked comment we’ll put on a billboard in times square #GymsharkBillboard". Corpse commented, "STREAM E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE!" to help promote his brand. Jschlatt commented, "I like men" as a joke. Corpse and Jschlatt's tweets were the top two comments for the contest the entire time, exchanging first place multiple times. Many of Corpse's friends supported him including Tina and Karl. On the day the contest was ending, February 13th 2021 at 2 a.m. PST, Tina watched the likes of Corpse and Jschlatt's tweets side by side. She decided to join a "not live" voice channel on one of the OTV and Friends Discords. Corpse and Karl would eventually join the channel and Karl would ask if they want to play Valorant. The trio decided to play Valorant as the tweet contest came to an end, celebrating Corpse's win over Jschlatt.

Later on, Corpse, Tina and Karl made a Valheim server calling it, "Gymshark watch party". They spent a lot of time in the game and invited many other friends, who later became honorary Salad Gang members. One day while playing, Corpse said, "I'm gonna eat a salad." Tina took interest in Corpse's salad and starting asking questions about the salad like what was in it. Tina and Karl hadn't had salad in a while so the three of them got salad that day and created the group, Salad gang.


Tina and Brooke