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Steven Suptic (better known as HwnT) is an American rat streamer. He is one of the main regulars of the Morning Lobbies and often begrudgingly named "one of the funniest people ever --- BARELY".


Steve began his online career on YouTube with Minecraft videos and animations, including a couple series where he collaborated with other popular gaming channels. He was also part of group BAHMLounge. He moved to LA in 2015 to co-host a gaming channel Super Panic Frenzy that was associated with SourceFed. Shortly after he rebranded his channel to The Steven Suptic Experience where he posted irl content like vlogs, challenges and reaction videos. SPF was canned and he was later re-hired at SourceFed as one of its final wave of fresh new hosts.

Sugar Pine 7[]

Under new management from Group Nine Media, SourceFed and all associated channels were abruptly cancelled and Steve documented its final moments and his life after in a vlog-style with narration and freeze frames. Under the guise of delivering life updates to concerned fans, he started a series delivering a semi-serious storyline with a ton of improv and silly bits featuring a cast of his friends playing exaggerated versions of themselves. Viewers would constantly be left wondering if stuff in each video was real or just a bit. This would later be described as "Alternative Lifestyle" (culturally appropriating from gays), and he would eventually rebrand his channel once again to Sugar Pine 7 after the name of the cabin the group stay in during a trip to Idyllwild featured in one such video. As part of the rebrand he deleted almost all of the videos from his long YouTube career from the channel prior to this series, but little did he know they were all archived by fans and would later come back to HwnT him.

In 2017 Sugar Pine 7 won the "Show of the Year" at the Streamys, beating out fierce competition his former employer Philip DeFranco whose team campaigned hard that year for a streamy win, as well as the likes of Rooster Teeth and Try Guys. He would later have his head shaved by said former employer Phil. This moment is also significant later as Phil is interviewed for the 2020 Streamys and cites his favorite moment of the Streamys as the time he was beaten at the awards by his former employee, but completely blanks on his name. SP7 was bought by Rooster Teeth in 2018 and featured in Variety magazine later in the same year. In 2019 Rooster Teeth dropped the channel and SP7 continues to post episodes of its podcast Beyond the Pine. In late 2020, Steve departs the podcast and leaves what was originally the MlgHwnT channel in his friends' hands.


While he did write most of the music released under SP7, it wasn't until 2019 when Steve started producing music of his own, under the alias of SUGR? (without the E). This is not to be confused with SUGR the Finnish Hip-hop group or SUGR the Indian Blues/Rock band, neither of which is Armenian as Steve often suggests. This is BARELY notable as he got W H OMEGALUL ed by Ludwig whilst ranking music made by YouTubers and streamers.

Steve's song "Oh, Death" gained popularity in the OTV and friends universe, with many players in the Hafu lobbies (Hafu, XChocoBars, DK, TinaKitten) often playing it in the background and streamers in the main OTV friend group as well (Kkatamina and Natsumiii).


In October of 2020, Steve played Among Us as the newest player having just picked up the game in a ChilledChaos lobby. Hafu almost opts to sit out as the lobby was full at the time she was booked to play and since she had been streaming for over 9 hours prior. They however insist that she play and someone else drops out. She quickly realizes that the lobby plays with the most bizarre of settings, that every person moved around like they were either a psychopath or legally blind. Since this was the company Steve was learning the game from, he was hilariously bad at it. Hafu sussed half the lobby almost every game because they were so inexperienced and even incorrectly pushed out the guy who would always fix lights on the couple of rounds he got bored doing so and decided to do tasks. She would accuse Steve every time and as soon as he spoke she would feel so guilty and clear him instead. In one round late in the game when lights were out, Steve hides in a corner by a rock as ghost chat (Hafu would later adopt deafening for ghosts to speak to each other in her own lobbies) dies laughing at how cute it was. As people rotate out of the lobby, Hafu brings in DumbDog and Yetiapocalypse as fills, where they meet Steve for the first time. Having claimed LG several games prior, Steve leaves the lobby rather unceremoniously, or they thought so until they notice that he left sad but otherwise sweet messages in the in-game chat, ending in "im cum" instead of just saying goodbye like a normal person. Hafu says that she was crying laughing, "Steve is so funny, he's the funni-so funny". Yeti catches that she stopped herself from saying that Steve was the funniest in the lobby, hoping to get a reaction out of the group but they don't disagree. She asks for his socials so that she could play with him again. As they share his socials with Hafu, Yeti remarks, "Oh wait, he's a big YouTuber from a while back. I remember him."

Steve is currently one of 4 regulars in Hafu's morning lobbies and alongside DK, he adds a touch of silliness and chaos to an otherwise more tryhard lobby. Oft referred as "Dumb and Dumber" in the lobby, the pair have really fun interactions and hit it off very well with most guests. Steve can sometimes come off a little rude, but deep down he's a sweet supportive softie. Either way, he's getting B O D I E D all day in the lobbies. He's deathly allergic to compliments because he suffers from a serious condition, but dooooooon't ask him about it, that's so insensitive dude.


  • Both Steve and Fuslie totaled their previous cars.
    • When referring to cars, Steve is known to have owned cars much costlier than the rest of those in the OTV Universe. While most of them drive Toyotas and Teslas, Steve's main preference is premium-segment sports cars. His previous car (totaled) was a Jaguar F Type. Nowadays, Steve drives a Porsche Panamera.
  • Steve was the only person in the OTV universe to be nude on camera (back when he was working at SourceFed).
  • Both Steve and Valkyrae use the color red in Among Us.
  • Steve was XChocoBars' carpool to Vegas when the Morning Lobbies first met together at Hafu's house.
  • Out of the original main 3 SP7 talents, James is the only one that does not interact with the Morning Lobbies. This is due to Steve and Cib being roommates.


  • "Good norning."
  • "Hugies!"
  • "That's huge."
  • "Shuuut the fuck up"
  • "Thank you, bro."
  • "It's simply ___"
  • "Easily"
  • "I'm having a panic attack."