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Thomas better known by his online alias Sykkuno, is an American Twitch Streamer and YouTuber known for his gaming content.

Sykkuno is known for his incredibly polite and kind personality.

He is very modest and loves trolling his friends. Sykkuno is a “streamer for fun” and only plays games he actually enjoys that also include his friends.

Anyone that interacts with Sykkuno tends to love him as he always tries to make people laugh and have a good time.



Sykkuno created his YouTube channel in 2011. Since then, he has accumulated over 2.5 million subscribers. Video are uploaded almost daily to his channel. Sykkuno’s videos consist of the content that he streams which include, but are not limited to, Among Us, Minecraft, Valorant, GTA. (Fun fact Sykkuno had an older channel named "Sykku" This fact was discovered by Aunikah, last name anonymous.


Sykkuno streams 5-6 times a week on Twitch for thousands of adoring fans and 3 million followers.

Social Media[]

Sykkuno is not an avid social media user and can only be found on few platforms.

His most “active” social media is Twitter, where he likes posts and occasionally tweets.

Sykkuno also has an Instagram, where he posts pictures of his dog, Bimbus, a couple times a year.

Although his social media presence is scarce, he has a large community on Twitter known as Syktwt. Fans of Sykkuno that interacts with each other and share memes, stream moments, photos, etc. If you are interested in joining add a 🌱 emoji next to your name and you will be accepted as part of Syktwt!


  • Sykkuno was confirmed to be a housemate at the OfflineTV house on August 24th, 2020[1] on the 32nd episode of the OfflineTV Podcast.
  • Sykkuno now lives in Las Vegas since it is more affordable and he just stays inside all day so he can avoid getting cooked by the hot desert sun.
  • Sykkuno is prone to simping for various streamers, notably Corpse, Rae, Jacksepticeye, Toast, Ludwig, and Edison Park.

Quirks/Inside Jokes[]

  • Eats frozen burritos
  • Microwaves his coffee
  • Lives in Ryan’s basement
  • Ben Jammin
  • Needs to pay his water bill
  • Praise Bingus
  • Girls aren’t into him
  • Steaks for Bimbus


  • “What is up guys? It's Sykkuno here!”
  • “Oh Jesus!”
  • "Oh God!"
  • "Actual sicko!"
  • "You guys actually killed him!"
  • "Girls aren't into me like that"
  • "I just got lucky."
  • "I'm a genius!"
  • “I have a ‘genious’ strategy”
  • ”That’s a whole bunch of gift subs, thanks a bunch!”
  • "Good enough for me.
  • ”Gotta pay my water bill”
  • "According to my calcumalations..."
  • "ummm how is the weather today?"
  • "Agh my leg!"


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